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12th May 2017


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Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black by Cookie Mueller



Who: Shane Jesse Christmas
Where: Kyneton, Australia
What: Writer

Shane Jesse Christmass chooses Cookie Mueller

I didn’t know much about Cookie prior to reading this, apart from the more commonly known things, that she acted in early John Waters’ movies and that she is dead. This is a brief, hilarious memoir ranging from her early days as a hippie wanderering around the USA to her subsequently starring in Pink Flamingos. Cookie died in 1989 in NYC of AIDS-related causes. This was published in 1990. I’m not sure when it was written. The book has a Xerox feel to it. There’s some really hilarious anecdotes in this book, especially when Cookie and her friends are housesitting a friend’s ranch, but they accidently burn it down. The last chapter is simply called, Last Letter – 1989. Cookie writes about AIDS and the effect it haves on her and the loss of many of her friends. She includes a letter from a friend to her:

“I still don't want you to visit me here. I'm much worse, visually, then when you saw me last, so until I'm feeling stronger and looking better, let's leave it this way.”

Shane Jesse Christmas's novel Napalm Recipe Vol.1 is out now on the Dostoyevsyky Wannabe Experimental imprint. His 2016 Dostoyevsky Wannabe Original Police Force as a Corrupt Breeze is also still available and was named one of the best Australian books of 2016 by the Guardian